Craigslist Image Ad Design


Image Ad Design For Craigslist 

Using a craigslist image ad can increase your response rate by 200% or more. Image ads grab the attention of internet browsers on craigslist, especially if their device or computer sows gallery images in the preview. Your ad will be seen before they even click the title to read it. Jump out at the browser with an image ad. When you use an image ad it is important to include some keyword rich text within the ad as well or a little bit of text (about 20 words or so will suffice). Having text in the ad will look better to craigslist spam elimination software. If you only post an image it may seem a little strange. Also if you plan on using your image ad in multiple categories be sure to rename your image file every couple of posts and mix up your title and text a bit so you do not raise any red flags as possible spamming craigslist (although you can post the ad in a couple of categories without being spam, they may auto-flag the ad if you overuse the same text or image name).

We design craigslist ads for $50 or less (when you buy multiple ads). Get in touch with us if you need an image ad designed for your craigslist marketing efforts. You can also use the image to advertise on other sites like Facebook and so on…

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