Sharon From Google Phone Calls

Sharon From Google Scam

Are you getting calls that claim to be Sharon From Google? Warning  these calls ARE NOT from google.

“Hello, this is Sharon your local Google specialist . . .”

This is a shady (scam) company that is selling snake oil SEO service and the make false claims and guarantee you top listings on Google for your keywords. What it comes down to is they charge a $99 setup fee and then $159 per month to simply create local web directory listings for you. They said you don’t even need a website so I asked how they could do that and they said it is all based on your Google+ (Places) page.

This company claims to be GOOGLE to get you on the phone with them, then they make false claims. They are most likely based overseas or run a fly-by-night operation. The service they offer is something that any reputable SEO service can do for you, or you can do yourself. Beware of “Sharon” Google calls. Do not pay them or share any information with them. They are not a real company. Have you had an experience with these callers? Leave Your comment below and share your thoughts!

Lets not forget Kate the Google Plus Specialist – Kate is Sharon’s partner in crime. 

2 thoughts on “Sharon From Google Phone Calls”

  1. I get calls everyday so annoying. It is a company selling bogus search adverts. THEY are a big scam I fell for the scam last year. They need to be stopped Google should step in and help stop them since they claim to rep Google.

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