Google’s Making Major Local Search Changes

Google Update April 2016 Google is at it again, making updates and changes to the local search guidelines and algorithms. • GooglePlus/Google+ Account is no longer needed to leave Reviews for businesses – Good news for search marketers and businesses, Google has revamped their review interface and made it easier for…


What happens when you DO NOT Advertise Online?

Do you know what happens when you do not advertise your business online? Nothing Happens…           Call us!                    


Free Online Vector Converter Image Vectorizer

Ever had an image you needed to Vectorize for use in larger print materiel like Car magnets or Apparel and you only had a Logo in JPG or PNG format (raster format)? is a free online image vectorizer. It can convert raster images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to scalable…


Good questions a Good Web Designer Asks

Questions a web designer should be asking you: A web designer or web dev. company that does not ask these questions or similar questions might not be the best option for your needs. Questions are the starting point for building a perfect website for your needs. What are your primary…


Roanoke VA SEO Service

Roanoke SEO Service Is Everything you read and hear about SEO is wrong? New Google updates have changed the entire SEO process. In the past all people ever talked about was basic SEO tactics like META Tags, Title, Description, Keywords, Link Building, and Keyword Anchor Text. All that is just…


5 Tips For A Simple Clean Website

Top 5 Web Design Tips For 2016 Focus on your main call to action and main elements. What are your goals for this website? Do you want people to call you or click and order something. Focus on that element. Content is needed (Food For Google) and I still believe good…


Craigslist Image Ad Design

Image Ad Design For Using a craigslist image ad can increase your response rate by 200% or more. Image ads grab the attention of internet browsers on craigslist, especially if their device or computer sows gallery images in the preview. Your ad will be seen before they even click the title…


Google’s Top 3 Local Listings Are Super Valuable

The most recent significant changes to local search results (Map Pack Listings) on Google took place in Sept. 2015. The changes impacted how Google displayed local businesses in the “Map Pack” section. Google used to show 7 local listings in this area, they now only show 3 listings (See Image…

Sharon From Google Scam

Sharon From Google Phone Calls

Are you getting calls that claim to be Sharon From Google? these calls ARE NOT from google. “Hello, this is Sharon your local Google specialist . . .” This is a shady (scam) company that is selling snake oil SEO service and the make false claims and guarantee you top…


Local SEO Citations – You Need Them!

Local Business Citations and Local/GEO SEO   Questioning why your competitors are ranking so high for local keywords and Google Maps (Google MyBusiness Listing)? The best way to raise your chances to rank high for local searches is through Citations. Citations are not links pointing to your website  but rather…